Inductor Coils Engineering Kit

ATP offers Inductor Coils Engineering Kits which contain the entire ATP Inductor Coils product line in one complete package to meet your prototyping needs.

Material: 0.010 Thick quartz/fused Silica (SiO2)
Metalization A Side:
• TiW = 400 to 800 Å
• Au = 250µ" minimum
No Metalization on B Side
Critical Dimensions:
• Line = 0.0006 ±0.0001
• Gap = 0.001 ±0.0001
Polyimide = 3–6 Microns

Inquire with ATP Sales for special pricing and quick turns on the following Kit part number:

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  Inductor Coil

Inductor Coil

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  Inductor Coils Engineering Kit

Each kit contains the following part numbers and quantities:

ATP Part# Inductor Turns Inductance (L) Q Part Size Quantity
ATP-I-010-Q-022 2.5 2.2nH 4.5 0.022" x 0.022" (0.559mm x 0.559mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-350 3.0 3.5nH 4.5 0.022" x 0.022" (0.559mm x 0.559mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-390 3.5 3.9nH 5.2 0.022" x 0.022" (0.559mm x 0.559mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-730 4.0 7.3nH 5.9 0.025" x 0.025" (0.635mm x 0.635mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-120 4.5 12.0nH 7.0 0.030" x 0.030" (0.762mm x 0.762mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-158 5.0 15.8nH 8.1 0.030" x 0.030" (0.762mm x 0.762mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-196 5.5 19.6nH 8.6 0.032" x 0.032" (0.813mm x 0.813mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-219 6.5 21.9nH 9.6 0.034" x 0.034" (0.864mm x 0.864mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-264 7.0 26.4nH 9.4 0.032" x 0.032" (0.813mm x 0.813mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-282 7.5 28.2nH 8.9 0.032" x 0.032" (0.813mm x 0.813mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-406 8.25 40.6nH 10.9 0.038" x 0.038" (0.965mm x 0.965mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-783 9.5 78.3nH 18.1 0.050" x 0.050" (1.270mm x 1.270mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-877 10.5 87.7nH 14.7 0.046" x 0.046" (1.168mm x 1.168mm) 10
ATP-I-010-Q-1127 12.0 112.7nH 16.9 0.052" x 0.052" (1.321mm x 1.321mm) 10

ATP offers build-to-print service for a wide range of materials and metalization schemes. ATP fabricates circuits on substrates from As-Fired Alumina to Beryllium Oxide to Fused Silica, even Silicon. Metalizations range from the standard TaN/TiW/Au to films including Nickel, Palladium, or Titanium.

At ATP, we constantly evolve our processing and material capabilities to reflect our customer’s changing needs. If you have a circuit requirement that is out of the “normal” thin-film type, please contact ATP. ATP would enjoy discussing your application with you and working to develop a solution.

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