Gold Bumping

ATP can provide gold (Au) bumping for the Flip Chip Assembly. Gold bumps are used to eliminate wire bonding which will improve electrical performance at higher frequencies by inverting a compatible device directly onto the gold bumps.

The bumps are a high purity, plated Au. They are fabricated using a photolithographic process that ensures precise, repeatable placement onto the circuits. The top diameter of the bump will be slightly smaller than the diameter of the base. This assists with proper attachment using compression attachment methods.

Gold bumps are compatible with many of the other capabilities offered by ATP such as integrated resistors, conductive vias, polyimide bridges and solder dams. This allows you to minimize your assembly steps and optimize your design.

Typical gold bump height is:
0.001" (25.4microns) typical, 50µm max

Typical gold bump diameter is:
0.001" (25.4microns) typical

Gold bumping
Gold bumping
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