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Production Control Planner

Full-time, day shift, exempt new position.

Job Summary

Plan and issue manufacturing work orders to support customer delivery requirements, including planning activities involving customer schedule changes, process changes and material requirements. Accountable in daily production meetings and involved in significant interface with Sales/Marketing, Production and QA departments.


• Plan and issue work orders based upon delivery requirements, process lead-time and available capacity.  Enter job orders in support of customer sales orders, coordinating with engineering and production as required in order to calculate yields and schedule ship dates.  Generate bill of materials and process flows as required.

• Monitor orders throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that any issues that arise are resolved in a timely manner.

• Review and process NCRs, ensuring the proper accounting of materials and the timely issuance of restarts.

• Notify sales of schedule changes and expedite orders as required to minimize customer impact.

• Review and resolve job order close variances prior to closing orders.

• Learn and understand all aspects of the Vantage production database and serve as an expert for all materials and production transactional requirements.


• Five years planning experience or a BS/BA with two years experience.

• Must have excellent communication skills.

• Purchasing experience preferred.

• APICS preferred but not necessary.

Facilities Manager

Full-time, regular day shift position. Position has two direct report assistants and reports directly to the President.

• Responsible for the management of facilities. This role includes the traditional facilities and site service functions, project management, environmental, health & safety, and security.

• Understanding of facilities operations including building maintenance (e.g. HVAC mechanical operations).

• Provides cross functional leadership for projects and assigned initiatives. Provides leadership to the organization. Communicates and works effectively with other managers and staff.

Job Duties and Supervision

• Maintains an appropriate level of staffing in the department. Hires, trains, and develops the department’s personnel to manage standards resulting in a high level of customer service.

• Establishes process improvement, benchmarking and “best practices” programs in all areas of the organization. Ensures that adequate cross-training takes place within the organization. Promotes a working environment that fosters excellence, open communication,
productivity, teamwork, quality service and high morale.

Facilities Management

• Manages and maintains the physical environment. Coordinates the acquisition, installation and maintenance of office equipment and furniture; maintains inventories. Manages office expansions and tenant improvements.

• Serves as liaison with outside contractors and vendors including the general contractor, furniture/equipment vendors, building management and engineers.

• Provides management and coordination for all moves, adds and changes.

• Ensures compliance with federal and state health and safety standards and codes.

• Manages preventive maintenance programs.

• Experience with management and permit requirements for hazardous materials.

Emergency Preparedness, Safety and Security Programs

• Plans and implements safety and security programs in compliance with governmental regulations and company policies.

• Maintains an Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Plan. Coordinates safety and security issues, including training and emergency drills.

Photolithography Fab Operators

Full time, temp, swing shift positions. Entry level, training provided. Positions report to Lab Supervisors.


• Responsible for processing thin-film substrates in the photolithography lab.

• Under minimal supervision, perform moderately complex duties.

• Perform data recording, substrates processing, testing or inspection, and help the team to meet and/or exceed manufacturing goals and metrics.

• Primary duties include cleaning, etching, plating, coating and patterning substrates using both manual and semi-automated photolithographic processes.

• Will work with various types of photo-resist and developing chemicals; plating processes; semi-automated and manual etching processes; pattern aligners; and x-ray, alpha-step metrology tools, and microscope-based measurement tools to manufacture a wide variety of thin-film products.


• High school diploma or equivalent

• Strong attention to detail and the ability to perform multiple processes with varying specifications while ensuring a high degree of accuracy

Pattern Generation Operator

Full time, regular, SWING shift position.


Pattern Generation involves programming of the Pattern Generating computers. Main duties include:

• Operating pattern-generating machine to transfer integrated circuit patterns onto surface of reticles for use in production of photomask plates

• Read specs to determine production data

• Load data tape into machine

• Input commands via keyboard

• Process plates and inspect plates

• Position also involves measuring specs.


• AutoCAD comprehension and proficiency preferred.  QA experience, photography or photo lab experience helpful.  Stepping/stepper experience also helpful.

• High school diploma or equivalent is required.  A minimum of two to five years programming or related experience preferred. Strong attention to detail and the ability to perform multiple processes with varying specifications while ensuring a high degree of accuracy required.  Position reports to PG Supervisor.

Training will occur on day shift (5:30am – 1:00pm) for several weeks at the time of hire; the employee will then be expected to work swing shift,
1:30pm – 10:00pm, Monday – Friday.


Production Supervisor, Swing Shift

Replacement position, photolithography fab lab, currently supervising eleven direct employees with several employees in other areas.   Leadership, providing direction, decision-making, coaching, and problem-solving abilities required.


• Monitor employees, prioritize work, achieve quality and quantity daily, confirm safety procedures are followed, maintain charts that show skill levels, address problems and issues with employees when they occur, complete annual focal reviews, and facilitate cross training.

• Make sure each area is covered by monitoring scheduled and unscheduled PTO.

• Hold regular monthly employee meetings.

• Keep management informed of problems or issues, primarily via daily meetings with peers and in MRB meetings.

• Coach and teach employees so they perform well. (MBWA - Management By Walking Around).

• Other duties and projects as assigned.

• Responsible for the shut down procedures, including securing the perimeter by checking all doors and setting alarm, as well as making sure all machinery is shut down and/or turned off.


• Bachelors degree in business or chemical engineering or equivalent experience.

• At least five years experience in manufacturing environment, preferably with semiconductor experience.

• At least five years experience in a supervisory role.

• Hands-on technical experience in a manufacturing environment.

• Proficient in Word and Excel and generating reports off of computer systems.

• Knowledge of Total Quality Management and exposure to ISO a plus.

Stock Clerk

Full-time, regular day shift position working in the stockroom.


• Receiving and labeling production material into backstock stockroom location using internal software system, preparing and printing all related paperwork for both domestic and international shipment and using software reports to identify future backstock shipments to have parts pulled and prepped.

• Use Vantage and Crystal Reports to identify future material needs; create and kit jobs to requirements.

• Perform cycle counts on materials.

• Receive and label materials and correctly store materials in stockroom.

• Prepare and print all related paperwork for both domestic and international shipments, including packing lists and materials for shipment.

• Pack materials for shipment.

• Use UPS Worldship, Fed-Ex Powership and also ship other common carriers.


• Prefer two (2) previous years of stockroom experience.

• Prefer experience using manufacturing and production software.

• Must be able to stand, reach, stoop, climb, and lift using full ranges of motion to perform normal stockroom duties.

• Must be able to work overtime as needed.

• Must have current California driver’s license.

Quality Assurance Inspector

Full-time, day shift replacement position, reporting to the QA Supervisor.


Perform inprocess, final visual inspection of raw, metalized and pattered ceramic substrates using stereo zoom and high power microscopes, micrometers, calipers, various gages and other inspection tools.

Required Qualifications

• Minimum high school diploma or equivalent.

• Two to three years experience in quality assurance inspection.

• Working knowledge of basic inspection tools such as calipers, micrometers, various gages, and low- and high-powered microscopes.

• Ability to read and understand workmanship standards, military standards.

• Ability to interpret test data according to test parameters.

• Ability to perform First Article Inspection.

• Computer skills, data entry experience and proven working knowledge of computer usage.

• Good manual dexterity for handling precise small fragile components under a microscope using tweezers and probes.

Desired Qualifications

• MIC Hybrid circuit inspection experience or MIC assembly a plus.

• Individual who requires minimum supervision and shows initiative in a fast-paced environment.

• Someone who recognizes functionality versus assessment in inspection criteria and demonstrates a solid understanding of what works for the customer.

• Individual who communicates well, resolves problems at an early stage and works well in group problem-solving situations.

• Someone who works and interacts with diverse employees and departments in a positive and respectful way.

• Someone who is capable of entering quality data/results in the computer, send reports, and achieve basic work on Excel spreadsheets.

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