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Production Control Planner

Full-time, day shift, exempt new position.

Job Summary

Plan and issue manufacturing work orders to support customer delivery requirements, including planning activities involving customer schedule changes, process changes and material requirements. Accountable in daily production meetings and involved in significant interface with Sales/Marketing, Production and QA departments.


• Plan and issue work orders based upon delivery requirements, process lead-time and available capacity.  Enter job orders in support of customer sales orders, coordinating with engineering and production as required in order to calculate yields and schedule ship dates.  Generate bill of materials and process flows as required.

• Monitor orders throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that any issues that arise are resolved in a timely manner.

• Review and process NCRs, ensuring the proper accounting of materials and the timely issuance of restarts.

• Notify sales of schedule changes and expedite orders as required to minimize customer impact.

• Review and resolve job order close variances prior to closing orders.

• Learn and understand all aspects of the Vantage production database and serve as an expert for all materials and production transactional requirements.


• Five years planning experience or a BS/BA with two years experience.

• Must have excellent communication skills.

• Purchasing experience preferred.

• APICS preferred but not necessary.

Photolithography Fab Operators

Full time, temp, swing shift positions. Entry level, training provided. Positions report to Lab Supervisors.


• Responsible for processing thin-film substrates in the photolithography lab.

• Under minimal supervision, perform moderately complex duties.

• Perform data recording, substrates processing, testing or inspection, and help the team to meet and/or exceed manufacturing goals and metrics.

• Primary duties include cleaning, etching, plating, coating and patterning substrates using both manual and semi-automated photolithographic processes.

• Will work with various types of photo-resist and developing chemicals; plating processes; semi-automated and manual etching processes; pattern aligners; and x-ray, alpha-step metrology tools, and microscope-based measurement tools to manufacture a wide variety of thin-film products.


• High school diploma or equivalent

• Strong attention to detail and the ability to perform multiple processes with varying specifications while ensuring a high degree of accuracy


Quality Engineer

Full-time, day shift, replacement position.

Job Summary

Supports the Quality Assurance function, plans and conducts activities concerned with quality assurance, quality control inspection, manufacturing processes, materials, and products by performing the following duties. Includes the following as a minimum and may include other activities as deemed necessary by the Quality Assurance Manager.

• Communicates significant issues or developments identified during quality assurance activities and provides recommended process improvements to management.

• Performs failure analysis on customer returned products (RMA), identifies root causes for failures and provides effective corrective actions for prevention of future customer failures.

• Directs technical and administrative workers engaged in quality assurance activities.

• Works closely with Process Engineering in application of statistical process control (SPC) methods for analyzing data to evaluate the current process controls and effectiveness of process changes.

• Develops new approaches to solve problems identified during quality assurance activities.

• Assists in quality reviews of customer documentation for compliance with stated requirements, including purchase orders, specifications, military standards and government specifications and agency standards.

• Performs supplier control support activities including supplier reviews of quality manuals, audits of supplier quality records and analysis of quality performance.

• Assists the Quality Manager in the development, deployment, training and maintenance of Level II and Level III ISO/AS9100 procedures in support of the Vantage operating system and preparation for ISO/AS9100 surveillance and re-certification audits.

Education and/or Experience

• Bachelor’s degree (B.S./B.A.) or ASQ QE, equivalent technical training; or two to five years related experience in quality engineering; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Background should include ISO/AS9100 and Mil Spec.  Knowledge in documentation control a plus.

Quality Assurance Inspector

Full-time, day shift replacement position, reporting to the QA Supervisor.


Perform inprocess, final visual inspection of raw, metalized and pattered ceramic substrates using stereo zoom and high power microscopes, micrometers, calipers, various gages and other inspection tools.

Required Qualifications

• Minimum high school diploma or equivalent.

• Two to three years experience in quality assurance inspection.

• Working knowledge of basic inspection tools such as calipers, micrometers, various gages, and low- and high-powered microscopes.

• Ability to read and understand workmanship standards, military standards.

• Ability to interpret test data according to test parameters.

• Ability to perform First Article Inspection.

• Computer skills, data entry experience and proven working knowledge of computer usage.

• Good manual dexterity for handling precise small fragile components under a microscope using tweezers and probes.

Desired Qualifications

• MIC Hybrid circuit inspection experience or MIC assembly a plus.

• Individual who requires minimum supervision and shows initiative in a fast-paced environment.

• Someone who recognizes functionality versus assessment in inspection criteria and demonstrates a solid understanding of what works for the customer.

• Individual who communicates well, resolves problems at an early stage and works well in group problem-solving situations.

• Someone who works and interacts with diverse employees and departments in a positive and respectful way.

• Someone who is capable of entering quality data/results in the computer, send reports, and achieve basic work on Excel spreadsheets.

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